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New products in the Suma Brand range

Suma Store

Suma’s own brand offers a wide range of food and non-food products. All of our products are sourced ethically, with the environment in mind. Everything we sell is 100% vegetarian, and we specialise in organic, fairtrade and naturally good food.

Below, you’ll find details of our latest new products.

New organic bouillon range

Our bouillon lifts and adds depth to all soups, stews, casseroles, risottos, sauces and gravies. Use it as a simple seasoning for couscous, quinoa, rice and other grain dishes, sprinkled into a dhal, or on top of roasting vegetables.

We’ve kept it simple to make choosing a product easy. We have three sizes available - 150g, 500g, 800g with a reduced salt version in each size. Every product in the range is organic, vegan, gluten-free and has zero palm oil.

So whether you just need an occasional seasoning in the kitchen or a caterer needing a larger sized product, the choice is easy.

New organic bouillon range

Suma new Organic Soup range

Suma new Organic Soup range (

Suma new Organic Soup range A new look for some old friends. We’ve tasted, tweaked, shaken-up and stirred all of our organic soups, and given the entire range a little bit of a makeover. With nine different recipes to choose from, there’s something for everyone, from Carrot and Coriander to Spicy Lentil and Tuscan Bean to Minestrone. The only question is… which one will you try first?

This product is Organic & Vegan.

Carrot & Coriander Soup, Italian Tomato & Basil Soup, Minestrone Soup, Pea Soup, Red Pepper & Tomato Soup, Rustic Vegetable Soup, Spicy Lentil Soup, Tomato Soup, Tuscan Bean Soup. 12 x 400g OV

Suma new Organic Tomato range

Suma new Organic Tomato range (

Suma new Organic Tomato range (LJ700/LJ750) Two new storecupboard staples, both drenched in Tuscan sunshine. Tomatoes are integral to so many classic Italian dishes, in fact it’s hard to imagine the country’s cuisine without them. We are excited to announce the arrival of two brand new additions to our range of Italian tomato products. Rich and delicious, we believe they taste better than any other you’ll find.

This product is Organic & Vegan.

(LJ750/LJ700) Chopped Tomatoes with Chilli 12 x 400g OV Chopped Tomatoes with Basil 12 x 400g OV

Suma Organic Italian sweetcorn

Suma Organic Italian sweetcorn (

Suma Organic Italian sweetcorn (Lj550) Our new Italian sweetcorn is deliciously juicy and full of flavour. This Italian corn variety tastes a little less sweet than our other Suma sweetcorn. Both contain only natural sugars. Excellent eaten cold in salads or hot in soups, casseroles and chilli. Grown in Italy, Approximately 45% less natural sugar than Suma sweetcorn LJ146, Only 2.7g sugar per 100g Deliciously juicy & full of flavour. 

This product is Organic & Vegan.

(LJ550) Suma Organic Italian sweetcorn 12 x 340g

Suma Black Organic Chick Peas

Suma Black Organic Chick Peas (

Suma Black Organic Chick Peas (VF300) For creative cooks, why not try this interesting and unusual addition to our range of organic canned pulses. Surprise your taste buds with the nutty flavour of these fantastic new black chickpeas from southern Italy. Smaller than the more commonly available chickpeas, they are delicious in soups, casseroles and salads as well as in falafel or curry. Fantastic as a base for ‘black’ hummus, they are also useful as a source of fibre and protein and are ready to use in hot or cold dishes.

This product is Vegan.

(VF300) Suma Black Organic Chick Peas 12 x 400g

Suma Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil

Suma Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil (

Suma Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil (GT010) 50% less saturated fat than extra virgin olive oil. Harvested and cold pressed on the farm in Norfolk. With a high smoke point, rapeseed oil is ideal for frying and roasting. It has a mild flavour for use in salad dressings, sauces and marinades. Fully traceable from field to pressing. Produced in an environment that handles no allergens. Certified by the Vegetarian Society.

This product is Vegan.

(GT010) Suma Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil

Ecoleaf Concentrated Washing Powder

Ecoleaf Concentrated Washing Powder (

Ecoleaf Concentrated Washing Powder (HJ306 & HJ307) For shopping with a clean conscience, look no further than these eco-friendly washing powders. The Ecoleaf range is made with gentle and sustainable plant-based ingredients, which is great news for the environment and for delicate skin too. Best of all the whole range is certified animal cruelty-free. Time to clean up! These washing powders come in eco-friendly paper bags, and replace our existing washing powder tubs (HJ127 - 900g and HJ128 - 3.4kg). Available in 1kg (up to 20 washes) and 2kg (up to 40 washes).

This product is Vegan.

(HJ306 & HJ307) Ecoleaf Concentrated Washing Powder

Ecoleaf Dishwasher Tablets

Ecoleaf Dishwasher Tablets (

Ecoleaf Dishwasher Tablets (HJ161 & HJ160) For all those hands that don't do dishes, give our new eco-friendly dishwasher tablets a try. Made using ingredients derived from plant extracts from sustainable sources, they're natural, biodegradable, and safer for the environment. A built in rinse aid, degreasing action, and powerful cleaning agents will leave your glasses and dishes sparkling. The inner film coating dissolves in your dishwasher and the outer cardboard packaging is also recyclable. Swap to our new tablets today!

This product is Vegan.

(HJ101 & HJ160) Ecoleaf Dishwasher Tablets

Suma Strength in Numbers Ale

Suma Strength in Numbers Ale (

Suma Strength in Numbers Ale (RT032) Brewed to celebrate our 40th birthday, this special edition IPA is robust, enduring and perfectly blended; the liquid embodiment of our co-operative heritage. Brewed in Yorkshire using the finest organic hops and malts, giving a fabulous combination of flavours. Aromatic, punchy and very smooth. Vegan. ABV 6%. 3.0 UK units.
This product is Organic and is Vegan.

This product is Vegan.

(RT032) Suma Strength in Numbers Ale

Suma Gluten Free Pasta

Suma Gluten Free Pasta (

Suma Gluten Free Pasta (WT009/WT008/WT011/WT013) Our new gluten-free pastas have now arrived, and are a welcome addition to the Suma range. As ever with our products, we have researched extensively to ensure they are of the highest quality and that you can trust their credentials. They are suitable for coeliacs, those who are gluten sensitive or just prefer a gluten-free diet. The pasta is made for us in Italy by a company that specialises in gluten-free foods. With hundreds of years of pasta-making experience, they’ve recently invested in equipment and processes to make their factory completely gluten-free. As well as this, their crops are organically grown without pesticides or GMOs. We offer two types - a corn, rice blend and a brown rice option, both giving you a delicious flavour. Each type is in two shapes, penne and fusilli, packed in handy 500g pouches that sit nicely on shelves and in cupboards. Both have a great texture that sauce loves to stick to, ensuring more flavour with every mouthful. Why not try our new gluten-free pasta and enjoy its versatility, as a fuss-free evening meal or in a salad for lunch. Buon apetito!

This product is Vegan.

(WT009/WT008/WT011/WT013)Suma Gluten Free Pasta

Suma Coconut Milk & Creamed Coconut

Suma Coconut Milk & Creamed Coconut (

Suma Creamed Coconut - 12 x 200g (Lj400) - Injects a velvety richness into curries and soups.

Suma Coconut Milk - 6 x 400g (Lj350) Rich and creamy, the perfect exotic twist to everyday meals.

What’s special about these products is that they come from an organic farming co-operative in Sri Lanka (who yield around five million coconuts every year!). Our supplier has a set of eight strict ethical sourcing standards which ensures the respect of the people who grow these coconuts and also the regions where they are grown. These co-operatives then have the ability to invest back into their communities which includes educational outreach programmes, community youth projects and so much more. Our suppliers also make sure that the prices paid for the products are fair, the working conditions of staff and farmers are good and that they always consider environmental sustainability. It really is a win-win with these coconut products, and these co-operative values echo our own here at Suma.

(LJ350 & LJ400) Suma Coconut Milk & Creamed Coconut

Suma Baked Beans and Lincolnshire style sausages

Suma Baked Beans and Lincolnshire style sausages (

Baked Beans and Sausages - 12 x 400g (VF450)

To the best of our knowledge they are the first vegan canned baked beans and sausages in the UK. Baked Beans in a rich tomato sauce with vegan. Lincolnshire style meat-free sausages. Made to a special recipe with herbs and spices. Excellent on toast or jacket spud. Quick to prepare and very filling.

(VF450) Baked Beans and Sausages

Suma India Araku Valley

Suma India Araku Valley (

Suma India Araku Valley - 6 x 227g (TE658) The producers of Araku Valley in India's Andhra Pradesh have been growing organic coffee since 2001. The Araku Organic Coffee Project aims to raise coffee quality standards to ensure higher prices and better living. Rising incomes and confidence means that producers have learned to demand equality, education and health for themselves and their families. Further, by participating in the Livelihoods Programme for planting tree saplings, they have shown how small farmers can help in the regeneration of forests and even earn an income from it. Just like all our other coffees, Araku tastes delicious. It is silky smooth and well-rounded, with caramel and brown sugar notes. This is a complex and exotic coffee with a subtle spicy finish and great story behind it to boot.

Part of the product range ‘Roast and Ground Coffees’.

This product is Fairtrade, Gluten-free, Organic and Vegan.

(TE658) Suma India Araku Valley

Suma Organic Coconut Blossom Syrup

Suma Organic Coconut Blossom Syrup (

Suma Organic Coconut Blossom Syrup Adding to the range of Suma organic coconut products is this rich amber nectar carefully extracted from coconut tree flower buds. No processing chemicals used. Nothing added. 100% natural. Great as an alternative low GI sweetener for baking, hot drinks and indulgent drizzling ! Tastes like brown sugar with a hint of caramel. From trees grown on sustainable, smallholder farms in Indonesia where each farmer has approximately 25 organic coconut trees. The flowers are collected from specific trees letting others continue their growth into mature coconuts. Each farmer takes great care and pride so consequently many trees are between 25-40 years old with some reaching up to 60 years. Ingredients: 100% Coconut blossom syrup

(LJ300) Suma Organic Coconut Blossom Syrup

Suma acacia flower honey

Suma acacia flower honey (

Suma Acacia Flower Honey (in a handy squeezy bottle) Another great addition to the Suma store cupboard: Suma bees have been ‘buzzy’ carefully collecting lovely nectar from delicate acacia flowers so that we can add another top quality honey to the Suma range. Our new acacia honey is really mild and fruity and comes in a handy, squeezy bottle so not a drop is wasted. The bottle is made from recycled and recyclable PET #1 material, making it a better choice for the environment. It is nice and runny so perfect for drizzling on cereals, toast or in hot drinks, great for baking with too. This product adds to the current Suma Wildflower honey range in both clear and set varieties. These are packaged in glass jars (340g) or recycled large tubs (3kg). N.B. Honey is not suitable for infants under 12 months.

(HY095) Suma acacia flower honey